Our American Dreams Project explores the concept of the “American Dream” through a cultural geography lens. In doing so, we investigate the ways in which place, identity and power intersect to (re)create and (re)define the promises that America holds for her people. We have broadened the general notion of the American Dream to incorporate and discuss numerous struggles for inclusion and belonging in a diverse American landscape. 

American Dreams Introduction

EPISODE 1American Dreams: Place, Identity and Power
The American dream is different for everyone, since everyone is unique as an individual and the American dream can be interpreted in many ways. In this podcast we explore the American dream from the perspective gay college athletes, American immigrants, inmates serving in the US penal system, and women with regards to their reproductive rights.

EPISODE 2Education and the American Dream
This segment of The American Dream focuses on the opportunity of education of people living in American.

EPISODE 3The Promises and Perils of Fracking
This podcast investigates the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of Marcellus shale in Bradford County, PA and it affects on the American dream.  Matt Sisto and Shane Kiefer visited Bradford county to take a first hand look at the industry and its impacts.